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With over a decade of experience you would never guess that I wasn’t born with the love of reading and grammar. Growing up, I had horrible handwriting and spelling skills; however when it was pointed out that I had these weaknesses, I took it as a challenge to improve.  I have a degree in communications and English, and have been an educator for more than 16 years. I am a member of the Idaho Writers Guild and the Idaho Writers and Editors Association.  I have a natural talent for content and have developed a passion for grammar, writing, and especially reading. 

I am huge fan of all creative individuals, and rather than wrap myself up in my own words, I choose to work with various artistic minds and help them develop their stories. With fortitude and compassion, I want to labor with writers who are zealous about their work, and help them produce their magnus opus. My masterpiece is making a writer an author.

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Why Hire An Editor
All writers love their work; they are protective of every word, and yet they are often insecure at the same time.  Since most writers want readers to not only read their work but also want them to buy it, it is important that the writer has an advocate in the process.  It’s not valuable for someone to just read the work and tell you it’s great; a writer needs an crusader to help them produce their best work.  An editor is an expert on your team that makes sure that your work is marketable and follows acceptable publishing standards.  In the world of independent publishing it is more important than ever for talented indie-writers to take their art seriously, and employ the services of a professional editor. If you are ready to invest in your time, energy, and passion then you are ready to hire an editor.


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    This is an edit that helps you get feedback on your overall project. Flow, style, structure, character development, and pacing are analyzed in order to improve the substance of your manuscript. Price varies based on word count.
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    Proofread includes grammar check, spelling check, and punctuation check. Price varies based on word count.
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    Coaching and consulting writers on the steps that they need to take to prepare their manuscript for the publishing process. Help with query letters and guiding you through the self publishing process. Initial 30 minute consultation is free.
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    Format your book beautifully and professionally for print or E-publishing. Many formats and options to choose from. Fast and affordable. - up to 100K words is $65 for all format - 101K and up is $90
Whether you are a nauvice or a seasoned writer, I can help you work through your creative process and get you closer to your goals.

Projects less than $250 require payment to be made in full before beginning.  A deposit is required for larger projects. 
Payments arrangments can be made if needed for larger project.


Stacey's Spunky Side
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